Packaging is the identity of your product. Packaging is the primary source of interaction between the consumer and your product before they purchase your product. Packaging plays a very important role in a branding strategy that attracts consumers and helps them make a purchase decision. Packaging is a non-negotiable element for every product. Packaging is more than just a way to store goods, it’s a powerful marketing tool to increase sales and brand loyalty.

What do you need for brilliant product packaging?

Great product packaging requires good looks, good looks, and good looks. Along with these good looks, product packaging also requires the following features.

  1. Easy to open: An easy-to-open packaging is a step in the customer experience process. We don’t want the customer to regret their purchase decisions because it was difficult to access the product. The opening of the product should be smooth and shouldn’t require an engineering degree. An easy-to-open packaging includes slides, tabs, flaps, hinges, and other solutions. As a packaging manufacturer, we always aim to ensure customers have a smooth user experience by opening your product.
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing: An attractive packaging design will make the consumer pick your product off the shelves. Your packaging design goal is to evoke feelings when customers first see your product. Your product can be attractive through colours, size, visuals, graphics, etc. Choose colours that are pleasing, complementary, and attract the eye. Colours are the first thing to be noticed by the consumers, and subconsciously decide whether to pick up the product. Choose visuals and graphics that are associated with your brand and your target audience.
  3. Preserve the freshness of the product: The packaging must allow the product to reach the stores and then to the consumers’ houses while remaining fresh and edible. The packaging must be strong enough to not damage the contents of the products through breakage or spoilage. Choosing packaging materials is essential to safeguard the products from damage and arrive safely at the stores and the consumers’ houses.
  4. Convey the brand purpose: Packaging design is a crucial marketing tool. Let’s say it’s the 4th P of marketing. Product packaging is the final opportunity to communicate the brand’s message. Incorporating your brand elements establishes a clear connection between the brand and the customer. Packaging helps in brand recall even long after the initial purchase of the product. Thus, helping in brand recall long after the first purchase as well as generating a loyal customer base.