Our Technology

Komori Printing Machine GL640+UV+C

Komori printing machine delivers maximum printing speed, high productivity, and print quality with ease in operations.

Bobst Novacut 106E

Essential die-cutting machines that give unparalleled precision and efficiency that ensure flawless cuts and creases for even the most intricate packaging designs.

Bobst Ambition 106A2

This automatic glueing and folding line allows for complex box constructions and seamless production.

Heidelberg MK Easymatrix 106FC

With short setup time & high-quality output get multiple printing finishes like hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, creasing, etc.

Kongsberg X

Kongsberg X delivers high production speed with outstanding cutting quality at a remarkable price. It is also suitable for short-run production, sample-making, and other packaging jobs.

KDX lamination machine

Our high-speed lamination machine is fully automated and produces an outstanding laminated print finish for your packaging cartons. The KDX lamination process includes an automatic feeder, a powder cleaner, a lamination station, an automatic sheet separator, and a stacker, ensuring exceptional gloss, matte, or MET PET finishes for your brand.

Window Patching Machine

Suba Solutions has introduced an innovative machine that provides high-speed window patching with accurate placement and secure adhesion. With our solutions, you can choose between front window, side corner window, top to front window, and singular side window.