Printing Effects


Create a raised texture on your packaging. Get the perfect embossed printing effect on your packaging box’s brand name or logo.


Achieve a subtle sunken effect on your packaging box that highlights your brand name in a classy manner.

Drip off

Create a visually stunning “dripping” effect for a truly unique and eye-catching design element.

Spot UV

Highlight specific design elements with a UV coating, creating a beautiful contrast and drawing attention to specific details.

MET PET Lamination

Combine the effects of lamination with metallic pay-off using our MET PET lamination printing effect.

Textured UV

Elevate your designs and make your packaging stand out on the shelves with our Textured UV printing effects. A very slightly raised and grainy effect helps minutely make your packaging unique and attractive.

Gloss Lamination

Get a glossy lamination on your product packaging box that will enhance its visual impact giving a richer vibe for your brand.

Matte Lamination

Opt for our sophisticated matte, printing effect. Our matte lamination printing effect is ideal for conveying a luxurious or premium feel to your packaging.

Gold Foiling

The timeless elegance of gold foiling gives a touch of luxury and sophistication to your packaging box. Get customised gold foiling on your logo, designs or brand name.

Rose Gold Foiling

Embrace the rose gold foiling that creates a warm metallic feel and an eye-catching effect to give a modern, luxurious feel.

Silver Foiling

Give a sleek, modern printing finish to your packaging design that complements a wide range of colours on your packaging.

Colourful foiling

Go beyond the classics with our customised colourful foiling options. Choose from a wide range of our colourful foils for your packaging box.

Window Patching

Give a sneak peek of your products with our customised window patching options. Give a visual appeal of your offerings through front, corner, or side windows.