Blister Packaging

Customised blister packs and cards are the perfect solutions for packaging and displaying a wide range of products, from stationery, small electronics, and toys to cosmetics and jewelry. These packs consist of a clear plastic shell that is heat-sealed onto a cardboard backing, creating a secure and tamper-proof package that allows customers to see the product inside. The cardboard backing can also be customised designed with branding, product information, or promotional messaging to enhance the product’s appeal and increase sales.

Blister & Blister Cards

Globe Print n Pack offers customised clear forming trays that easily adjust and seal your products on blister cards.


Globe Print n Pack offers a wide range of packaging designs, shapes, sizes & materials to ensure your products are safe & meet the regulatory requirements. Our clamshell packaging features an interlocking mechanism that ensures safety while promoting your brand and product.

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