One might get confused between the terms packing and packaging, as they play different yet similar roles in marketing. Packing and packaging both have a significant role in the marketing and storage and transportation of a product. These terms have different roles to play.


This article sheds light on the difference between packing and packaging.


    • Packing of a product involves the protection of the product by covering or wrapping it during storage. Packaging refers to the outer layer of the product that is designed with graphics, and colors to attract shoppers and convert them to buyers.  So, packaging not only stores the contents of the products but also protects them from external wear and tear.


    • Packing includes different methods such as wrapping, cushioning, sealing, etc. Packaging includes paper or plastic packaging boxes that are printed with attractive graphics, colors, and typography to entice customers.


    • Packing prevents the product from spillage, breakage, etc, and includes materials such as wrapping tape, bubble wrap, cellophane, foam, wrapping tape, etc. Packaging includes paper and plastic packaging boxes that not only store the product but also entice the shoppers to glance at the product and influence them to make a purchase decision.


    • There are three types of product packaging – primary, secondary, and tertiary. The packing process is involved in the tertiary stage of packaging.


Let’s take an example of toothpaste. The tube and the box of the toothpaste are part of the packaging of a product. Whereas the carton box from which the tubes of toothpaste are transported from the manufacturing unit to the retail shops is included in the packing process of a product.


Let’s summarise the difference between packing and packaging in the table below:


Packing includes wrapping the product in its final form for storage and transportation. Packaging includes storing the product contents in attractive tubes or boxes on the shelves to engage shoppers.
Product packing does not have any direct interaction between the product and the customer. This packaging box is the first interaction between the customer and the product. It includes branding, labeling, graphics, etc.
The primary purpose of packing includes the safety of the product during storage and transportation. The primary purpose of packaging is to attract customers and influence them to buy the product.
Packing materials include bubble wrap, wrapping tape, cellophane, etc. Packaging box materials include paper, PP, PET, etc.
The packing helps in safe transportation. Packaging helps in branding and marketing the product.
Packing makes sure the products reach their destination in the right condition and helps in handling and storage. Packaging helps in differentiating the product from competitors.




Packing and packaging both have significant roles to play in a product’s life cycle. While packaging helps in branding and marketing the product, packing helps in the safe transportation of the product. While packing focuses on protection, packaging focuses on the outlook and appearance of the product.


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