Is it time to change your packaging design?

You have the best product on the market. You have understood the importance and impact of packaging on your brand. Therefore, you know how a package design can make or break your product sales. Your product is uniquely beneficial, and your packaging design should convey it.

Your target audience should be attracted by the package design, the label should read all the relevant information about the product to influence a positive purchase decision. With infinite other product options available in rows of aisles and e-commerce platforms, excellent product packaging is what stands out. Competition is fierce and new products are launched every day. The number of millennials and Gen Zs are increasing but their attention span is decreasing. It is time to buckle up and push the accelerator to not only stay in the competition but also to hold on to your first position. It is time to revamp and refresh your current package design to keep your current customers loyal and attract a new audience.

How to know when to change your packaging design- a comprehensive guide.

  1. Outdated package design – As a company targeting different generations, it is crucial to adapt to the changing preferences of consumers. When the older generation retires and the new generation becomes the decision makers, updating the packaging design becomes essential. By appealing to the younger generation through packaging redesign, you can influence their purchase decisions positively.

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2. Product reformulation – Anytime in the product development stage you have changed or improved the formulation or ingredients of your product, it is a good sign to redesign your product package. It is important to communicate the reformulation through the new package design and marketing.

3. Celebrating Milestones – Celebrating company milestones is also a good reason to upgrade product packaging. Incorporate that milestone in terms of new and upgraded packaging with the milestone printed on the packaging. You can even create a packaging design that can be used as a keepsake for the consumers, thus helping with brand recall.

4. Rebranding – Rebranding includes changing the brand logo and incorporating the same in all its product lines. If the goal of rebranding is to show the evolution of the brand, let the same be conveyed on the product packaging. Rebranding can happen due to several reasons such as the evolution of the brand or the merger of two or more brands. Let the reason be communicated through your packaging to keep your audience loyal.

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5. Change in packaging materials – If you have changed your packaging from plastic to paper or recycled plastic or other eco-friendly materials, or if you have invested in a more sustainable production process it is time to change your packaging. Two out of three people opt to pay more for eco-friendly packaging.

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Remember new packaging does not always guarantee an increase in sales and brand awareness. Update your packaging phase-wise. Evaluate the new packaging with focus groups and gain feedback, work on the negative points, and then launch the new packaging. Always keep the brand essence and brand story standard in every product packaging design.

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