One might get confused between the terms packing and packaging, as they play different yet similar roles in marketing. Packing and packaging both have a significant role in the marketing and storage and transportation of a product. These terms have different roles to play. This article sheds light on the difference between packing and packaging. Let’s take an example of

Sephora aisles are heaven for makeup & skincare enthusiasts. This plethora of beauty products that are laid on the shelves is fighting for your attention. But before the product and its formulations, we are attracted to the packaging designs of beauty products. Packaging is the first interaction between the product and the consumer. An attractive packaging will determine whether the

Is it time to change your packaging design? You have the best product on the market. You have understood the importance and impact of packaging on your brand. Therefore, you know how a package design can make or break your product sales. Your product is uniquely beneficial, and your packaging design should convey it. Your target audience should be attracted

Packaging is the identity of your product. Packaging is the primary source of interaction between the consumer and your product before they purchase your product. Packaging plays a very important role in a branding strategy that attracts consumers and helps them make a purchase decision. Packaging is a non-negotiable element for every product. Packaging is more than just a way

Are you tired of throwing away all the packaging that comes with your online orders? Don’t let it go to waste! It’s time to get creative and find new ways to repurpose those old boxes, bags, and containers. In this article, we will explore unique and innovative ways to reuse old secondary packaging boxes and reduce waste. Not only will

Product packaging is more than just a means to encase a product. It ensures safe transportation, effective storage, and enhanced presentation of a product. From FMCG, cosmetics, garments, stationery, pharmaceutical or any other industry, packaging plays a key role in creating an impactful brand presence. It is the first point of contact between the product and the consumer. A perfect

You have spent so much time making a brilliant product, do not let an average packaging design hit the sales. Research shows that purchase decisions are made within a few seconds of glancing at the product packaging. Therefore, your product packaging design not only has to be attractive but also convey all the information relevant for a positive purchase decision.

A packaging box is the outfit of your product. It protects the product from damage, attracts the target audience, and gives out relevant information to influence purchase decisions. To stand out in today’s competitive marketplace, focusing on product quality and marketing campaigns is as important as focusing on product packaging. A packaging design is the first interaction of the product

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