Sephora aisles are heaven for makeup & skincare enthusiasts. This plethora of beauty products that are laid on the shelves is fighting for your attention. But before the product and its formulations, we are attracted to the packaging designs of beauty products. Packaging is the first interaction between the product and the consumer. An attractive packaging will determine whether the potential customer will even glance at your product, and then be influenced to purchase the same. 

Packaging design plays a more critical role in the beauty industry. Appearance matters from the product packaging to the customer.

Beauty packaging trends keep changing. From formulation upgradation to making cruelty-free vegan products to adding newer skin shades for “inclusivity”, changing trends are inevitable. And packaging designs must keep up with them. Or you lose the customer’s attention, in turn losing sales and brand loyalty.

Beauty packaging must be attractive as well as functional. The beauty industry judges based on perfect looks, humans as well as products. Therefore, one must keep up with the latest trends.

Here are some common elements to incorporate in your packaging box design for beauty and skincare products: –

Bold packaging designs

The beauty industry is all about attracting customers. And the loudest boldest packaging does seem to win that race. Choosing unique fonts, paired with attractive colors does seem to garner attention.

Bold packaging designs also include shimmer, glossy, or matte elements on their packaging boxes. They include fancy, creative artwork that matches the theme of the beauty product, the target audience as well and the brand story.

Printing bold colors, fonts, and graphics on the cosmetics packaging also helps build a brand identity and increase brand loyalty.

Minimalistic packaging design

Now you can go for loud beauty packaging and join the clan or strategically opt for minimalistic packaging and stand out. When done right, minimalistic packaging design not only stands out but also adds a feeling of luxury to the beauty product and beauty brand. Thus, helping in brand positioning. Amidst the crowded aisles of loud colors and fonts, currently minimalist packaging seems to win.

Choosing the right packaging material.

Packaging is all about the look and feel of the packaging box. Once “the look” has attracted the customer, “the feel” of the packaging helps in purchasing.

You can opt for paper or plastic packaging, depending on your audience and brand story. Paper packaging is more eco-friendly than plastic packaging. But recycled plastic packaging is also a trend in the packaging industry that’s catching up. Using high-quality materials is the tipping point for the customer to make a purchase. Envision this- while walking through clothing aisles you can guess the quality of the clothing material simply by touching it, the same goes for packaging. Using high-quality packaging materials for beauty products is of utmost importance. As low-quality packaging can indicate poor-quality product formulation. The same can affect sales and hamper brand identity. The beauty packaging design must be attractive yet functional long after the purchase.


In an industry that is all about appearance, packaging plays a very important role. It can make or break your sales and brand identity. Especially in the age of social media beauty influencers where the dialogue starts with “Oh! I love the packaging.” We can’t deny that packaging plays a very important role.

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