Our company Bell Packaging is based in London, UK is Europe’s leading innovators in POS presentation & display packaging, trading for over 35 years we operate the World’s largest Tube Manufacturing facility from our production facilities in the UK, India and USA exporting to over 20 countries worldwide. Our products are protected by patents, trademarks, design registrations, registered design rights and copyright.

We Own the Jetran Petran Retran & Jetlok Patents


A new clear tube solution made using redundant drinks bottles Retran is produced using PET film which includes up to 70% post-consumer waste derived from redundant drinks bottles. The bottles are collected, sorted, cleaned and processed into PET flake that is then converted into rigid film to make Retran.

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Jetran & Petran Packaging

The design, quality, and materials make Jetran and Petran more than just tubes made of plastic. Available in various shapes Square, Rectangular,Circular, Oval, Hexagonal and Triangular.

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Jetlok End Caps

Designed and developed to work in conjunction with Jetran tubing we offer a range of standard end caps in regular shapes such as Circular, Square and Rectangular but also more exotic shapes such as Hexagonal, Oval and Triangular.

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