Jetran and Petran Packaging

Jetran and Petran Packaging

Jetran® and Petran® Packaging


upplied flat, Jetran is easy to store and very economical to ship.Assembly is very simple and we offer full technical back up and machinery for small and large users. Produced continuously, we can manufacture packaging shapes including Square, Rectangular, Circular, Oval, Hexagonal and Triangular.

Jetran is produced in PVC, PET  and Polypropylene (PP) in thickness from 100 – 500 micron. Visually, Jetran and Petran are the same, however the different properties in the raw materials dictate the application. Jetran uses PVC & PP which are very versatile materials particularly suited for stationary, fashion, hardware & POS applications. Petran uses PET, a clear and strong material, which is more acceptable in markets for cosmetics & FMCG products where there is an environmental sensitivity.

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