Retran Packaging



Jetran®, Petran®, Retran® and Jetlok® are patented products of our company, Bell Packaging which is based out of London, UK. However, these products are manufactured in India by Bell Packaging India( manufacturing plant in Vasai, Mumbai).

Retran® is an innovative PET based film product that is made using a percentage of post-consumer plastic waste such as soft drinks bottles – Once collected they are cleaned and reprocessed then the resultant polymer is used to produce a film we use to make Retran® packaging.

The optical clarity and strength of the material is not affected and the finished packaging looks as attractive as ever.

As part of our waste pack registration, all packaging we produce can include the relevant recyclable logo type.

By using Retran® you can exhibit to your customers that you are concerned about both the environment and your corporate-social responsibility. Moreover the use of Eco-friendly packaging can help create brand loyalty and change consumer’s perceptions.

We are also continually investigating new materials to meet tomorrow’s environmental demands.

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