PP Folding Boxes


The alternative to a traditional board box these plastic based boxes are created to give excellent visibility to your product whilst still offering good protection.

PP – Polypropylene

  • Available in a vast range of surface finishes and colours.
  • A softer feel than either PET & PVC.
  • Traditionally not as transparent as PVC or PET.
  • 30% lighter than PVC or PET so can be cost effective.
  • Is both Chlorine and Halogen free?
  • Can be recycled on numerous occasions without any changes to its properties.
  • Suitable for printing.
  • Suitable for food contact.

Interesting shapes and more intricate designs can be created using this process to ensure your product really stands out at point of display and all designs can be printed using a variety of processes from offset printing, screen printing, foil stamping & .

All designs can be made in a variety of materials including PET, PVC and Polypropylene (PP) in thickness from 200 to 800 micron and are designed to lay flat to reduce transport and storage costs.

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