Jetran and Petran Packaging


Jetran®, Petran®, Retran® and Jetlok® are patented products of our company, Bell Packaging which is based out of London, UK. However, these products are manufactured in India by Bell Packaging India( manufacturing plant in Vasai, Mumbai).

The design, quality and materials make Jetran® and Petran® more than just tubes made of plastic.

Bell Packaging operate the World’s largest Tube Manufacturing facility From our factory in Luton, we have weekly shipments to Spain, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Poland, Germany, Ireland, USA and China.

Produced continuously, we can manufacture shapes including Square, Rectangular, Circular, Oval, Hexagonal and Triangular.


Supplied flat, Jetran® is easy to store and very economical to ship.

Assembly is very simple and we offer full technical back up and machinery for small and large users.

Jetran® is produced in PVC and Polypropylene (PP) in gauges from 100 – 500 micron. Visually, Jetran® and Petran® are the same, however the different properties in the raw materials dictate the application. Petran® uses PET, a clear and strong material, which is more acceptable in markets where there is an environmental sensitivity.


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