Clear and Transparent Packaging (PVC/PET)


Clear Packaging is the clear choice for making your products more attractive and impactful. Clear Tube Packaging Containers are uniquely designed to work as functional packaging materials and can be can customized with printing, labeling, punching, slicing, crimping or other fabrication. We can create a package from standard or custom components to meet your cost and design requirements. Tubes are custom manufactured and they come with crash lock technology. When combined with one of our many styles of closures, the tubes create containers for packaging cosmetics, handicrafts, stationary items, clothing materials, etc.

Our vast array of services includes contract packaging so you can make one arrangement for your product from start to finish. We can make the container, add printing or labeling, insert your product, apply a closure, pack and ship to you or directly to your customer.  As a multi- processor (extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming) we provide competitive, innovative packaging.

The alternative to a traditional board box these plastic based boxes are created to give excellent visibility to your product whilst still offering good protection. The commonly used raw material to make these boxes are:-

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate

  • Glass clear film with excellent strength
  • Does not turn White when creased
  • Slightly softer feel than PVC and hence easier to make up both tubes and cartons.
  • Production of PET requires less energy than production of PVC.
  • Does not contain any heavy metals or fluorochlorohydrocarbons.
  • Can be recycled many times over without impairing its properties
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Available in recycled grades including RPET
  • Suitable for printing
  • PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

  • The traditional material used for both Jetran® and Transparent Folding Cartons.
  • Excellent clarity and strength.
  • Available in both Virgin and recycled grades.
  • Suitable for food contact.
  • Suitable for printing.
  • Generally a lower cost option to PET.

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